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what I do

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thank you

This year I want to be more conscious of what I have. We all have much to be thankful for ... and yet often, especially in this crazy design business I am in, we focus on what we don't have. Or what we wish we had. 

To experience real joy, I believe, begins with gratitude. Gratitude is what motivates my "thank-you" cards this year. 

I purchased some Kate Spade notecards when I was buying my gold dotted paper for Christmas. I didn't have a plan for them ... but I decided they would make perfect thank you cards - the dots would go with my Christmas "dotted" theme.

I began to write the first note and I messed it up. I started to throw the ruined card away but then decided to save the top of it (with the dots) - it was too nice to throw away and so I cut the card in half. And it gave me an idea ...

What if I made a tag with the top half and wrote my notes on the bottom half - as two separate pieces.

I glued the dotted side of the card to the back of the quote. 

The "thank-you" tags were a free printable I found here.

My Christmas "thank-you" cards are done but I have one more "thank-you" to write ...
Thank YOU for coming along on this journey with me ... for reading my thoughts, looking at my work, and encouraging me with your comments, your emails and your Facebook messages. I am grateful for each one of you! Here's to a joy-filled year with a focus on gratitude! Happy 2014! xo Sherri