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what I do

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A very hot May Day

Today is May Day. I almost missed it. I noticed as I was putting an appointment in my date book this morning just before I rushed out to meet with a client. 

To me, May Day is all about flowers. I love making little bouquets from my garden and sharing them with friends and neighbors ... This is what I made for a neighbor last year:

And this is a bouquet a friend gave me a couple of years ago:

I had some free time this afternoon thought I could pull off making a few little bouquets except that we have had a few days in a row now of unusually hot weather and all my pretty rose blooms were gone. So instead of picking flowers this afternoon I ended up just deadheading my roses. And planting some fun new orchids I bought last weekend at the Southern California Spring Flower Show.

They are called Epidendrum Orchids and I thought they would bring a little Spring color to my succulents. Because of our drought situation I cannot justify pretty flowers in my courtyard containers that need to be watered everyday in the heat so I have planted all succulents. The orchids do not need to be watered often either, and since I have had success growing orchids inside my house I thought I might be able to grow them outside as well ...

A happy orchid inside

My new Epidendrum Orchids outside

I hope flowers were part of your May Day today as well! And if you live local ... I hope you are staying cool!