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what i do

Friday, October 17, 2014

Painted pumpkins, Fall flowers and a new chalk paint

It took me a while but I am embracing the change over to Fall - the colors that is (I am not loving the late sunrise and the early sunset!). 

I got out the paint brushes and had a little fun with some pumpkins this week. The warty ones are natural.

I used black spray paint, acrylic paint for the reddish-orange one and a new paint I found at Michael's for the blue one. It is by Americana Decor and is called Chalky Finish. It is similar to Annie Sloan's chalk paint and just like hers, there is no prep needed (my kind of paint!). 

It comes in a nice variety of colors and I found this chart that shows you how to custom mix even more colors:

I picked up a small 8 oz. jar of the color, Vintage, for $5.39 (40% off $8.99 with my downloaded phone coupon) and and used about a fourth of the jar to paint a chair I am working on for the wedding next month.

While the paintbrush was still wet I decided to throw some paint on one of the pumpkins I had. You can see it dried a bit more blue than the jar shows. 

I love that the blue is a pop of unexpected color ...

I used this paint for the gold stems.

I picked up some yellow Ilex to bring a little color inside the house too.

And this book came in the mail yesterday. You will LOVE it!

Ah, Fall. The year's last loveliest smile. 

And it is Friday! That is definitely something to smile about. Happy weekend everyone!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Which table would you choose?

I am working with a long distance client. I helped them with their house when they lived near Chicago and again when they moved to the East Coast. Now they are living in a new home (a gorgeous home, may I say?) in Kentucky and we have a clean slate. The dining room is the first room to be tackled and they were considering the Salvaged Wood Trestle Table from Restoration Hardware.

But there was hesitation. They were torn between this new look for them or what they have always loved - a dark, more refined looking dining table. To help them, I put together two boards bringing in similar elements that they are leaning towards - a little industrial, a little modern mixed in with their very traditional looking architecture - one with the table from Restoration Hardware and another with a dark table. 

Option 1:

Option 2:

They liked them both. More confusion. And so I asked a question, "which look do you see continuing throughout the entire house?" That seemed to help and I think the dark table is going to win. I found two that would work in the large dining room; one more understated - a nice backdrop for the rest of the furnishings, and another - an exclamation point. 

I would pick the Claudio dining table - what a statement piece! 

And it is wedding time again ... I just purchased this table on Craiglist - it will be the bride and groom's sweetheart table.

I love all the detail on the front ... and it will look perfect with the settee.

This bride is one fun girl and she has been collecting bottles and candle holders to use for her wedding for months. 

The bottles will be used for the centerpieces. She brought them all over on Sunday and we played around with them a bit to get a feel for what the tables will look like:

This is going to be another gorgeous wedding. Can you tell I am smiling?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Picking materials for a mountain home and more great Homegoods finds

I spent a couple of hours looking at fabrics with a client yesterday ...

We are working on a new mountain home she is building in Wyoming. We selected fabrics for the large living room and also for the master bedroom. It is a large house and we are going room by room ...

This reminded me of a rabbit fur ... it is faux. It will be made into a pillow for the living room sofa.

This will be a blanket we are making for the back of one of the sofas. The thin purple stripe will coordinate with the eggplant colored velvet sofas. 

I sent my client this collage to show her how I see the fixtures looking - a nice mix of iron and brass. You can find the images and their sources on my Pinterest page here.

The fabrics we selected for the master bedroom were inspired by a pillow the client purchased. We set up fabrics on chairs in the Pindler showroom to give us a visual of how they would look together. 

This house is going to have some wonderful materials ... with rustic, industrial and modern touches. Last week we worked on some of the stone for the bathrooms:

So much fun!

After our meeting I went over to see what was going on at my local HomeGoods. As usual I was not disappointed ...

If only I had a warehouse to store it all. If only!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Flowers for a princess, new pillows and my temporary office

I took a friend to lunch at the Grand Central Market in Los Angeles yesterday (now that is a post in itself!!!) and on the way I stopped in at the flower mart to pick up some flowers ...

Because this little princess is turning three on Saturday and she is having a little bash.

Don't you wish you had natural ringlets like this?

I made some sweet arrangements to go on the dining tables ...

 And there will be plenty of cupcakes.

My youngest daughter (she is such a good auntie!) is taking out all the green sprinkles to get ready to decorate them. No green sprinkles allowed ... this party is all pink!

 And speaking of pink, I have a new pillow order I am working on.

 The fabrics are from Duralee, Pindler and Kravet. They will be going in this room:

I presented the first inspiration board (you can see it here) with orange accents and the client asked for pink instead. The teal ottoman was her favorite, but it was just a conceptual piece that I had found on Olioboard. But today, it showed up on my Facebook page saying I might be interested to know that it was being sold on One King's Lane. For $369. Nice! (Scary that my research is being tracked, but it was quite convenient!)

The rug is on its way, the media cabinet is installed, and this lamp is on it's way:

Progress always makes me smile. Another thing I am smiling about is that we have a house full of kids right now. One is staying for a while and the others are visiting. To make room, we needed to make a few adjustments and so temporarily I moved my office out into the living room. It is not permanent, but it works for now. 

In fact, it is kind of fun being out in the middle of everything ...

And the view is great! Have a happy weekend everyone!