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what i do

Friday, November 21, 2014

A wedding preview

I spent last week preparing for our last wedding of the year. Want to see a sneak peek?

It was a fabulous barn wedding and the perfect wedding to finish off 2014.

As with most weddings, this one was all about the flowers. The bride knew exactly what she wanted and we worked hard to deliver ...

The wedding took place at Strawberry Farms Golf Course in Irvine, California. It is a lovely setting for a fall wedding.

The ceremony took place on the lawn ...

We set up an area on the side of the barn for cocktails ...

And the guests dined and danced inside the barn.

It was a beautiful day and the perfect wedding. I can barely wait to show you the professional photos!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - I hope you can find some time to relax ... I know I am in need of a little break!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Out with the old ... in with the new

"That moment" ... when you discover you have an extra hour because you forgot to set your office clock back. This happened to me yesterday and it was such a gift! How is your week going? Are you enjoying the time change? I am loving getting up with the sun ... I am not loving it getting dark so early.

Several (four?) years ago I purchased an Ikea dresser for our guest room. It was the summer both girls were home. It was a temporary need and at some point the dresser ended up in the kitchen.

When we remodeled our kitchen we threw a marble top on it and it serves as extra storage and occasionally as a sideboard for serving. I never changed the glass knobs I had put on it when it was in the bedroom.

Add a couple of years, current research on some kitchen remodels I am working on, fabulous Pinterest images of amazing brass hardware, a nice gift card balance at Anthropologie .... can you see where this is going?

Out with the old ...

In with the new!

I'm kind of loving it!

I am also loving the progress we are making in this living room ... 

Here are a couple of inspiration boards I presented to the client when we started. The goal was to add some color and storage to a plain living room:

This was purchased ...

Britt Bass Turner | via

 The Ikea media cabinet and new lamp is in place ...

And the new pillows are finished. The client found the ottoman at HomeGoods. Love. The new rug is on its way.

You might also remember this board:

I posted about this master bedroom here and here. The mirror arrived and everything is in place. 

My iPhone photos are not doing me any favors these days ... I have got to learn how to use the camera I bought last year ... something else to do in my spare time. 

Oh, and I just saw this! Have you read the book?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Goodbye October, Hello November

Time is just flying by ...

It's hard to believe it is already November. We had a great time visiting my daughter for Halloween ... we dressed up and ate bad things and handed out candy to about 1,000 trick-or-treaters of all ages. The streets were filled with costumed families, kids of all ages and even dogs. I have never seen anything like it. Even the grown ups were in costume ... serious costumes ... Disneyland quality costumes. 

One of the local churches dropped off bags of candy to every house in my daughter's neighborhood to help with the expenses of giving out candy to so many trick-or-treaters. They enclosed a lovely note thanking all the residents for supporting the community. They served coffee and hot chocolate in the little neighborhood park and even came by the next morning to pick up any trash that was left behind. Small towns are the best!

Dave (our skeleton) came up to share in the fun. 

And so did my mom.  She was a good sport!

We dressed Milo up as a fish Flounder.

We had the best time! 

Dave and I driving home

On the way home I stopped by a Target store to see if I could get my hands on some of these ... I heard they were to be released in the stores on the 28th ... I knew that by November 2nd when I could finally get to a store I might be quite out of luck ...

I had to go to three stores but I was able to get what I wanted. 

Because it is going to be the new year before we know it! Now that is a scary thought!

And yes, I was Ursula! 

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween fun

We are spending Halloween at my daughter's beautiful house this year. She is supposed to get about 1,000 trick-or-treaters coming by. This will be her first year handing out candy; apparently she lives in "the" neighborhood. We are going "all out" with our costumes ... we will each be a character from The Little Mermaid. We spent hours making our costumes ...

And I may or may not be dressing up as Ursula the Sea Witch. He He He :)

I hope your day is filled with lots of fun and yummy treats ... Happy Halloween everyone!