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Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Chic Mountain Home

It has been a while since I posted and I thought it was time to see if I still remember how!

It has been almost a year since this project was completed ... it was a wonderful collaboration between my client, her builder and myself. I worked in person with my client locally but the project was 1,000 miles away in Wyoming. I worked off the building plans as we selected the finish materials...  tile, fabrics (oh, so many fabrics!), mirrors, light fixtures, knobs and pulls.  Here are some working photos along with some of the finished ones. All photos were courtesy of my client.

Mudroom during construction



This is not your typical ski lodge. The client wanted something more modern and chic with some rustic touches. 

There were 32 custom pillows, mattress covers, bolsters and even a blanket made by my workroom. 

 Custom Daybed in Hallway


There are two wet bars - well, I call them "dry" bars because we did not put in sinks... one upstairs and one down:

We used the same herringbone marble as we did in one of the master bathrooms for the first one... 

And a shimmery tile for the second one. 

There were 2 master bathrooms (to go with the two master bedrooms), two guest baths and a powder room. We used a lot of white subway tile throughout the five bathrooms.

Most of the floors were blue limestone and most of the counters were white marble. In this master bath, we added a marble hexagon tile rug in front of the vanity:

A fun patterned floor tile is surrounded by wood to transition nicely to the stone floor in the hallway outside the room.

In the second master bath, my client found a unique vintage workbench that we painted charcoal and used as the vanity.  We repeated the marble herringbone pattern here for the tub walls:

 Here is the original workbench:

We put in a lot of fun light fixtures:

You can see it is a spectacular home ...

And what a view!


Unknown said...

Beautifully done! Love those metal chairs on the stair landing. I did a similar project with a local client where we remodeled her vacation home in Montana remotely. As I am sure you were, I was thrilled when everything fit and worked as we had envisioned.

Julia said...

Beautiful house! Great to see you are back to blogging--you have been missed!

Town and Country Gals said...

so glad you're back, missed you! The house is spectacular, you did an amazing job as usual! I've slowed down on blogging also, posting still, just not as often. Some times life is just busier and other things are more important! Hope to see you here every once and a while!