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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Goodbye Weddings ... Hello!

I have been absent from this dusty old blog for quite a few months now and it is about time I stopped in to say hello and check in! The New Year came with a new set of challenges for me and in order to stay sane balanced, I had to make some adjustments. One of the changes I made was to sell the wedding side of my business. In January, I handed the key to my storage unit with all my props and gave all the best wishes to two amazing (and young!) women that are already off to a great start. Here is a glimpse of one of their first events ...

They are very talented and if you are looking for some help with an event you are planning you really should contact them.

I really loved designing the weddings and when I look back on the weddings I styled - especially the ones from last summer - I have such fond memories and the photos just make me smile.

The weddings were always something I did "on the side." I began the wedding business after I designed my daughter's wedding in 2010 and it kind of just evolved. The blog was created to promote the weddings and I did no more than two or three a summer for "fun". I think if I was 20 (or 30 - let's be honest) years younger I may have chosen to focus on weddings primarily or maybe even just do flowers. Honestly, it is so much fun and such great energy. I think part of what I loved about the weddings is that it was just all so positive - from the brides, the love, the excitement. And when it was over it was over. (No calls months later that there is an issue with a defective product, no fires to put out... all positive and lovely). That being said, it was time to move on and focus on other things...

Like this project that is starting to come together with a June finish date (fabulous photos to come!):

Fabrics for daybed #1 

Fabrics for daybed #2

A few of the light fixtures that are being used 

I have a lot of fantastic projects I am working on right now that are keeping me busy and I will share when I can. I hope you are all doing well... Happy 2015! Happy Spring :) Thanks so much for stopping by!


Unknown said...

Such a coincidence. I saved many of your wedding ideas for a few years in anticipation of my daughter's wedding. Well she just got engaged two weeks ago and I went to that file for inspiration only to then receive this email. But I do look forward to decorating posts from you if those fabric choices are any indication of what you are doing! Good luck!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Well, you have a gift for weddings that is for sure! I just envisioned the young women enthusiastically entering your storage unit though!

Can't wait to watch the progress of your projects!!! We should of had lunch when I was in So. Cal. I miss the convenience on the Redhill design center!

StagerLinda said...

Congrats on your decision! Here comes the next great chapter of your life! I hear ya, Sistah, about the challenge of doing labor intensive work as we reach full bloom. (I'm at the same crossroads.) I know your project will be fabulous and look forward to following it. Best wishes, Sherri!

katswan said...

hi Sherri

Dona at Mission Tile gave me your name. I am in the early stages of a design project and would love to talk with you.

If you're available , please email me. I tried your email noted on blog but it doesn't work. Kredswan@me.com

Many thanks!