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what I do

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Picking materials for a mountain home and more great Homegoods finds

I spent a couple of hours looking at fabrics with a client yesterday ...

We are working on a new mountain home she is building in Wyoming. We selected fabrics for the large living room and also for the master bedroom. It is a large house and we are going room by room ...

This reminded me of a rabbit fur ... it is faux. It will be made into a pillow for the living room sofa.

This will be a blanket we are making for the back of one of the sofas. The thin purple stripe will coordinate with the eggplant colored velvet sofas. 

I sent my client this collage to show her how I see the fixtures looking - a nice mix of iron and brass. You can find the images and their sources on my Pinterest page here.

The fabrics we selected for the master bedroom were inspired by a pillow the client purchased. We set up fabrics on chairs in the Pindler showroom to give us a visual of how they would look together. 

This house is going to have some wonderful materials ... with rustic, industrial and modern touches. Last week we worked on some of the stone for the bathrooms:

So much fun!

After our meeting I went over to see what was going on at my local HomeGoods. As usual I was not disappointed ...

If only I had a warehouse to store it all. If only!


Unknown said...

I NEED that pillow! It's awesome!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

I love your design ideas for this project and I love that last pillow from H.G.s

pve design said...

How blessed is your client to have you to guide her in selecting such beautiful finds.
I try to stay away from home goods, because I want to bring it all home. I had to chuckle at your "if only" comment.

Jessie said...

Your design ideas sound wonderful, love the brass recommendations for your client. The HomeGoods in your area is so awesome. I really like the sleek bench with the rustic top, very chic!


Unknown said...

I loved your ideas!!! The rabbit fur is beautiful!!!! I was looking for blankets to buy and I found some koket´s laser cut rabbit throw that seems to be beautiful.... For the winter I think it will be an excelent choice...