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what I do

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The newest mason jars

Have you seen the newest Ball mason jar color? In 1913, the Ball brothers launched their first perfect mason jar. In 2013, to celebrate their 100th anniversary, the makers of the Ball mason jars created a limited edition Heritage collection. The first color they released was the blue jar and it was the perfect color to use for a couple of weddings I recently styled.

A few weeks ago, I noticed they had come out with a new color (apparently they have been out since Spring). 

I am seriously in love with these pretty green jars

I purchased mine here and they arrived yesterday.

I am working out of my office all day today - trying to stay hydrated in this miserable heat we are having. And watching out the window while a film crew sets up for a Kia commercial that is being filmed in front of my house this evening. They will be setting up lighting in my front yard and inside my house ... fun! 


pve design said...

Love the new color! How wonderful they look in your home and I know you will have many uses for them. Stay hydrated and thanks so much for always being such a blessing to me with all you inspire.

Jessie said...

Such charming jars! I like all the colors they offered.

Have a good weekend and stay hydrated!

P/S: Thanks for your lovely comments on my guest bedroom progress.