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what I do

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Colorful pillows and painted furniture

I spent part of the day working on a couple of new projects ... 

This was a quick inspiration board for a darling young family that needs some color added to their family room. I like to give a client a general idea (and a good visual) of the direction I am going before I spend to much time specifying individual pieces. For this room we will be adding a media cabinet, ottoman coffee table, side table, a large area rug and lamps and pillows.  I am using the charcoal rug to tie in with their new kitchen's subway tile. 

I also shopped Etsy for some pillows for another young family that I am helping long distance ...

I love this Chiang Mai Dragon fabric by Schumacher. I found it in a couple of shops ...

For $40 this pillow in Celerie Kemble's Bleecker (Peacock) is a better price than I could do myself if I picked up the fabric and had the pillow made. One thing you want to make sure when ordering a pillow cover on Etsy though, is to check to see if the fabric is on both the front and the back of the pillow. Often they put a plain white fabric on the back. I don't mind that look sometimes, but for the pillow above, I would want the fabric to be the same on both sides. Some shops will give you a choice. You can also change the size of the pillow. I generally use a 20" pillow. You will want to get a down insert that is 2" larger than the cover. 

The colorful pillows will go in a family room with a plain brown sofa that needs some livening up. We are going to add some Ikea Ribba frames in white (like I used in the pediatric clinic) behind the sofa to add some lightness and tie in their white mantle across the room. 

John and Sherry from Young House Love put the Ikea frames over their sofa too. My client will put photographs of her young children in the frames. They are on a tight budget and these few pieces will make a big difference in the room for a small amount of money. 

And speaking of color ... have you been to HomeGoods lately?

They had two of these orange cabinets. Please someone call me and let me design a room around those!

It took everything I had to resist these barstools. Well, it helped that I had no place to put them. 

They reminded me of these from Crate and Barrel and honestly, I like the $79 HomeGoods stools better.

And this Blue and White umbrella stand is a beauty. I can see it in Mary Ann's new San Francisco home, can't you?


Mary Ann Pickett said...

I was just thinking what a great mood board and pillows AND fun stuff at Homegoods....AND You are right...that umbrellas stand would be pretty here!

Nancy said...

STOP IT! too much goodness in one post. and now I have to go to homegoods today to see if I can score that umbrella stand. btw...did you know homegoods now has an app where you can see new stuff in specific stores you can follow? holla!

Unknown said...

Nancy, I did know that :)
That would have been a good thing to add - thanks for reminding me! (I forget to even look at my app!).