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Monday, October 6, 2014

Which table would you choose?

I am working with a long distance client. I helped them with their house when they lived near Chicago and again when they moved to the East Coast. Now they are living in a new home (a gorgeous home, may I say?) in Kentucky and we have a clean slate. The dining room is the first room to be tackled and they were considering the Salvaged Wood Trestle Table from Restoration Hardware.

But there was hesitation. They were torn between this new look for them or what they have always loved - a dark, more refined looking dining table. To help them, I put together two boards bringing in similar elements that they are leaning towards - a little industrial, a little modern mixed in with their very traditional looking architecture - one with the table from Restoration Hardware and another with a dark table. 

Option 1:

Option 2:

They liked them both. More confusion. And so I asked a question, "which look do you see continuing throughout the entire house?" That seemed to help and I think the dark table is going to win. I found two that would work in the large dining room; one more understated - a nice backdrop for the rest of the furnishings, and another - an exclamation point. 

I would pick the Claudio dining table - what a statement piece! 

And it is wedding time again ... I just purchased this table on Craiglist - it will be the bride and groom's sweetheart table.

I love all the detail on the front ... and it will look perfect with the settee.

This bride is one fun girl and she has been collecting bottles and candle holders to use for her wedding for months. 

The bottles will be used for the centerpieces. She brought them all over on Sunday and we played around with them a bit to get a feel for what the tables will look like:

This is going to be another gorgeous wedding. Can you tell I am smiling?


Nancy said...

the glass bottles and tabletop styling has me smiling too! oh what a lucky couple to have you styling their wedding. and I love those two design boards...you do no wrong. I LOVE trestle tables (we have a darker stained knock off from WM...figured I'd rather save some $$ and not freak out when my kids destroy it. ha!) but the dark one is awesome too! cant wait to see what they decide on!

Jessie said...

I love the two design boards you created for your client. All the tables you picked are gorgeous, you will not go wrong picking either one.


Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Im with you...go with the Noir table...love the legs on it!

pve design said...

Love those dark tables, they remind me of a thoroughbred! My Mother always told me to "look at the legs" of a horse to pick a winner. They look muscular yet relaxed.
What a celebration of beautiful bottles and things.
I can tell you are having a great time with all the fun choices!
What lucky clients to have you!

Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...

Hi Sherri!

Oh, I love your choices! That table from Noir Furniture is breath taking! So curvacious! :)

Have a Blessed week, sweetie.


Luciane from HomeBunch.com