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what I do

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A garage-sale table two ways

Last weekend my mom and I went to what was advertised as a large community garage sale. It was held in three different neighborhoods of Eichler homes fairly close to where we live. I grew up in a mid-century modern home and we were hoping we would not only find some nice modern "stuff" for sale but also see some great houses. It was disappointing. There were only a few homes that participated and nothing for sale that was all that exciting, but it was a fun day with my mom and we made the best of it by going out for breakfast afterwards and perusing through some antique stores nearby. I did pick up a couple of side tables at one home we stopped by though. They were $10 each. 

I knew immediately that I would paint one of them gold and wasn't really sure what I would do with the other but for $10 I decided I couldn't leave without them both.

They are great little side tables. I painted one of them white.

I am not sure how long this will stay at my house as I am continually shuffling things around and moving them out to other people's houses ... 

But for now it will make a lovely side table that can move from room to room as needed.

I used this spray paint. I was a little worried the gold might end up being too shiny but it wasn't. It is just perfect.

It adds a little extra flair as we head into the holidays (because they are coming really soon!!!) ... 


pve design said...

I see a "shop" in your future with all your great finds. Just think of the profits! You have a great eye.

Town and Country Gals said...

even though you didn't find much, what you did find was very cool, great tables!

Lisa Mende said...

Thats a great little table! Looks fab white!

Jessie said...

Such great find, you scored my friend! Love the fabulous tables in either color!


annie@mostlovelythings said...

I Love the tables and what you did with them! Perfect!