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what I do

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween fun

We are spending Halloween at my daughter's beautiful house this year. She is supposed to get about 1,000 trick-or-treaters coming by. This will be her first year handing out candy; apparently she lives in "the" neighborhood. We are going "all out" with our costumes ... we will each be a character from The Little Mermaid. We spent hours making our costumes ...

And I may or may not be dressing up as Ursula the Sea Witch. He He He :)

I hope your day is filled with lots of fun and yummy treats ... Happy Halloween everyone!


Lynda said...

Have a spooky time! Can't wait to see pictures of the festivities and little Addison! Enjoy!

Jessie said...

I love your Halloween decor, it's so chic, elegant and fun! My son and I went trick-or-treating just now and he have collected so much goodies. :)

Happy Halloween!


annie@mostlovelythings said...

Halloween fun? You mean "Halloween Spectacular"!! I love everything! I want a little statue so I can dress her up next year! Every detail...perfect!