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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year

I am back from New York and we had a fabulous time. Except for the heat. I do not think it could have been any hotter. And actually the news reports were that it had never been any hotter - it was a record setting heatwave. Yikes!

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year 2011 designed by Tyler Florence in Rockefeller Plaza. We stumbled upon it by surprise and just happened to catch Tyler inside giving a cooking demonstration.

Prizler Photography

Prizler Photography

How fun is that?!!
The kitchen was beautiful although I have to admit I missed a lot of the features because I was busy trying to get photographs and it was very crowded. I am thankful that my sister was there with her professional camera as well.

Prizler Photography

This is the fourth year they have done the 'Kitchen of the Year' at House Beautiful and this was the largest. The kitchen extended to an outdoor area as well making it the perfect entertaining kitchen. My favorite parts of the kitchen ... the things that stood out for me, were the pot rack above the island, the black cabinets with open the shelving (very dramatic) and the dining tables both inside and out. I love how he used natural materials on the tables and outside chairs and also for the decor. It was a very relaxing and comfortable space.

The indoor dining table was spectacular. I loved how he mixed up the fabrics on the chairs, and the metal table tops (on both tables) were perfect.

{Photo from here}

{Photo from here}

The kitchen itself was dramatic and masculine with the black cabinets and black quartz counters and sinks but it did not feel too heavy as it was perfectly balanced with enough white tile and a lovely collection of white pottery on the open shelves. The use of silver accessories, sconces and the gleaming metal pots were the perfect 'jewelry' to his basic black 'dress'. I loved it.

{Photo from here}

{House Beautiful}

As we left, a gal from House Beautiful asked if she could interview me about the kitchen. I told her I was probably not the best person to talk to as I had not really seen as much of the kitchen as I wished I had but she said it was okay. I could not articulate my thoughts very well and I doubt that any of the interview will go to print but it was a fun experience!

Prizler Photography


Marianne said...

So jealous you were able to see the kitchen in person! And, you even got to see Tyler! Bonus!!!

Casa Très Chic said...

Hi, your blog is fantastic.
I'm sure it mus be like a dream to see this amazing kitchen in person, I'd love to.
Anyway, I saved the pictures, I'll project a new kitchen for myself and this images will help me.
Hugs from Brasil

Town and Country Gals said...

Lucky girl! How fantastic was it that you stumbled onto that fabulous kitchen and Tyler! What a fun experience! Not only did you get to see Tyler cook, you got to cook right along with him! LOL!
Glad you had a good time!

Glamour Drops said...

Really interesting that they went with a black kitchen. So who said they have had their day? Personally I love them. So very dramatic.

But how amazing to see this, in the middle of NYC. What a hoot. Very, very jealous!!

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What a fabulous kitchen, you lucky girl to have been there !!

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Anonymous said...

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