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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A master closet

I styled the first phase of a master closet today. The closets were installed a few weeks ago and after the client put 75% of her clothes and shoes in, I came out and helped her decide what the best use of her new space would be. I measured for storage containers and accessories and brought them out today. As I usually do, I brought out much more than would be needed and then I "play". I need to pick up a few more containers, a couple of shelves need to be added and then I will come back and complete the closet.

The client wanted a girly closet. She lives with all boys (three little ones and one big one). This is the one room in their house that is all hers. My favorite things we put in are the carpet and the chandelier. The carpet was selected in less than ten minutes at a carpet store that my client had found near her house - the minute I saw it I knew that it was perfect! The chandelier we bought at Lamps Plus. The wall color is Benjamin Moore's Wythe Blue HC-143.

The table is from HomeGoods - it is lightweight and can be moved if she needs to access the drawers next to it which she is storing things she rarely uses. She wanted some place to throw clothes when she is in a hurry.

While we were shopping for ceiling fixtures, we found this great ottoman and it was the perfect addition to the master bath. I love how it is an extension to her closet and creates an area to sit and put on shoes. It also separates her vanity from her husband's giving her a more defined space.

I shopped at The Container Store for the storage boxes and baskets and HomeGoods for all the accessories. My favorite find was the mirror - it could not have been more perfect and I was able to get the manager to reduce it to $21.00 because it had some minor paint flaws - nothing that can't be touched up.

I love productive days like this. 


Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...

Wow... I was going to say so much about this gorgeous project of yours, but all I can say now is how cute your granddaughter is! 3 weeks, already?! My goodness!

She is really, really sweet. God bless!

Have a great day, my dear friend!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Sweet, darling baby. I love how you call it "Played"...that is what I call it too. Great job.

17 Perth said...

Um--that project is GORGEOUS. I love the chandelier....and her shoe collection. ;)

Adi is beautiful.

Town and Country Gals said...

boy, those are some shoes! The closet looks fabulous, is mine next???? Adi is adorable, lucky you!

traci zeller designs said...

The closet is beautiful, but ... LOOK at that snuggle bug!! She is adorable!!!!

annie@mostlovelythings said...

What a beautiful closet and oh my goodness...is your little granddaughter precious!

Unknown said...

What a cutie!!!

The closet looks chic. The chandelier is fab!!!

Stacy said...

Sherri the closet looks great! I love that mirror.

Jessie said...

Love those shoes! The closet looks great and your granddaughter is beautiful.

Have a lovely Sunday!



OH gosh...closet envy :)

A Perfect Gray said...

ohhhh that sweet face!

Anonymous said...

Love all the shoe storage in the closet.
Adi is so adorable!! Congratulations.
xo E + J