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what I do

Monday, November 7, 2011

Were you on time today?

I have a thing about being on time. I set my clocks at least five minutes ahead of time just to make sure that I am not late. And I like to have a lot of clocks around. Especially in the bathroom.

But having a lot of clocks makes it a chore when it comes to that time of year where we move our clocks backwards or forwards.

So I had to laugh this morning while I was taking a shower and glanced over at the clock in the cabinet across the room ...

Because I had never switched it when we sprung forward last spring ... 

So I had one less clock to switch and one that was the correct time. I guess sometimes procrastination pays off!

Did you remember to re-set yours?


A Vintage Vine said...

I have a clock in my bathroom too, helps keep me on time! Yeah, one less clock to change for you.

annie@mostlovelythings said...

We have always set our clocks five minutes fast...goes back to when my husband took the train to work...It's a little game we play in our heads...I mean we know they are fast and yet it helps!

Deb said...

Welcome to my world....:)

Town and Country Gals said...

I'm a procrastinator about changing the clocks one way or another! I wait till I can't stand it, then I change them!

Unknown said...

I wasn't late this morning.
Love your clocks a lot!