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what I do

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thoughts of home

We have some beautiful Liquid Amber trees in front of our home. In the fall they rain down leaves of red and orange and yellow. And in the winter they drop little prickly balls.

When my sweet granddaughter was living here, she loved to collect them. I don't know what the attraction was for her, but she loved those prickly brown balls.

Last week my daughter (the one who just moved) texted me a photo of one of those balls that had gotten stuck in her car windshield wipers. She wrote, "Aw, a piece of home."

I thought it would be fun to gather up a bunch of them and send them up my granddaughter. I am not sure who will love them more, Adeline or my daughter. I painted one of them pink for Adeline and a sprayed one gold one for my daughter.

What reminds you of home?


Anonymous said...

What a charming idea! I can see that you are a wonderful grandmother and mentor for her...

Holly Gruszka said...

Newspapers! Growing up my Mom and my brother would read the newspaper cover to cover. And I'm talking 2, 3, 4 newspapers. Well that's rubbed off on me because I now read 3 usually daily as well. My Mom still brings me newspaper clippings as well on stories she thinks I'll enjoy. It's neat to think that these are the memories and things that shape us and make us who we are as a family.

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Oh my gosh Sherri...that is too cute. What a sweet way to connect with your daughter and granddaughter.

I don't know what reminds me of home, but two of my adult children recently reminded me of the "Rise & Shine" song that I used to sing when waking them up. I had sort of forgotten about it, but obviously it's in their memories.

Good memories are the best :)

pve design said...

Love the idea of sending a little bit of home.
Must think of something to send to my sons....