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Monday, August 26, 2013

A sneak peek of an almost finished project

I've been working on a project for a month or so and it is finally starting to come together ...

The hardwood floors were finished last week and today the new carpet is being installed in the bedrooms and on the stairs. The downstairs has travertine in the entry, hallways, kitchen and family room, and the living rooms (there are two) and dining room were wall-to-wall carpet. The carpet was old and had been overly stained by the dogs. On our first meeting, the client made it clear that she loved the look of the carpet (see photo below) and if she could, she would replicate it, but because of the dogs she was hesitant. I agreed that carpet was not a wise idea because of the dogs and also because it is a dated look - especially in the dining room. 

The room "before" 

My first thought was to try to match the existing travertine or put in a wood floor instead of the carpet. The client was not happy with the idea of wood, so we tried to match the existing floor. But when we could not find a travertine that matched enough to make either of us happy, we went to plan "B" which was to try to find a wood floor that she would be happy with. It didn't happen over-night. It took some trusting on her part and finding just the right look on my end. I liked the idea of a darker wood floor and she was more comfortable with a lighter one. We brought samples of both and the dark floor won. 

Newly installed hardwood floors

The end result is absolutely beautiful and it looks like it was meant to be all along. It makes sense and perfectly compliments the existing stairway and front door. I am thrilled that the client is as happy as I am. 

New pillows for an existing sofa

The new area rugs are on order and the furniture is out for re-upholstery. We replaced worn-out table lamps and had new custom pillows made. The existing decor was primarily black and white and I added a pop of color with new pillows which I brought out last week when I came out to measure for the new area rugs. 

New lamp and pillow for an existing chair and side table

We also replaced the old and tired lamps for new ones.

We bought this new chair from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. It is part of their "The Good Wife" collection. It replaced this:

The re-upholstered furniture and new coffee table should start trickling in sometime next week ... right after the new area rugs arrive ... I am really excited to see the finished space.


Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

loving where this is going! great fabrics :))

Unknown said...

Thanks Bethany :)
I LOVE the fabrics and the project is coming along great - I should be posting finished photos soon!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

You have fabulous taste!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mary Ann! :D