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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Consignment shop treasures

I went to visit my daughter and her family last weekend. The snow has melted and Spring is quickly approaching. My daughter's birthday is also approaching and for her gift this year, she asked for a little help with her new home. 

One of the areas she needed help with was the living room next the the armoire where the TV is housed.

 It was an awkward space with just enough room on either side of the armoire to need "something" but not enough room to do much (and she didn't want a plant!). She also really wanted a dining table. 

As is my usual "M.O.", I started out at HomeGoods and found a nice side table and lamp. I loved that the table had a ceramic flower knob (ala Anthopologie, I thought) and I have no idea why it was on clearance but I was not going to complain.

The lamp was $49 and I thought it looked nice with the side table and the idea was to use it in the living room. But we ended up putting it on their entry table instead:

When they first moved into their new home, the armoire, (which was mine when we first got married), was centered on the wall. It seemed like the right placement but it made it really hard to figure out what to do on the sides. Moving it a bit to one side gave us more room to do something a little more interesting on one side and not have to worry about putting something the other side. 

Inside is their TV and book storage:

The top shelf (above the TV) has the grown up books ...

And the bottom shelf is their daughter's library.

They live in a very small town and there are not a lot of shopping resources. But they do have a few antique and thrift stores as well as a consignment shop. We found the plate for $10 at the consignment shop.

My daughter's favorite color is turquoise and we tried to bring a little turquoise in each room. In fact, you might remember the turquoise vase with the flowers from the posts I did on her nursery - it was the inspiration. You can see the nursery here and here

So we were pretty excited to find this at the consignment shop as well:

Now we are in search for some chairs!


Town and Country Gals said...

nothing better then getting a great deal on very cool things! The table fit perfectly and it all looks great!
PS. loved the pics of the nursery!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Great deals Sherri! I love her pine piece..great way to hide the T.V...better than on the wall!

Holly Gruszka said...

Love great consignment finds (as you've noticed for my Habitat room). And I'd say that you scored with some good items too. Shifting that armoire was a great move - looks very nice now with the area you've created.