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what I do

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finishing up & more decal love

It is so great to be able to actually finish a project. Not that any project is ever entirely done ... because you know, a room is never really done - it is always tweaked, improved on, and added to. But today I can say that I am (at this moment) finished with one of the largest projects I have worked on.

Do you remember the clinic for the autistic kids? I wrote about it here and here. We used a lot of decals and they were so successful that the client wanted to add a few more. That is what I finished today. I cannot say enough about decals.

The dandelion is one of my favorites. We (my wonderful sister assistant and I) added this outside the restrooms - it was a leftover from another room.

All the decals were ordered through Etsy and can be custom made in any color you want. Most can be custom sized as well! They are easy to install - some are just a little more labor intensive than others. 

The decals are an easy and inexpensive way to add interest and color to a blank wall. This tree branch was only $39.00 (from here).

This therapy room needed a little punch to the walls but it couldn't be too overwhelming. The flowers did the trick. It was nice to be in the completed office today and see it thriving and filled with children. It was gratifying to see the rooms that we thoughtfully designed for these kids to be utilized and enjoyed the way we had hoped. And nice to be finished. 
Well ... there is that one spot near the entry that could use a little color ...


Unknown said...

You did such an incredible job :) x S

tableandtop.com said...

Great job. Love the decals!

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Stephanie said...

This is one of my favorite designs you have done, I just love it. I put up a decal in my daughter's nursery (her son's nursery, he is so darn cute, he is a month old now) and it wasn't that hard, people think it is hand painted.

Loving the reno on the boat/lake house. Raising those ceilings made such a difference, and the office area is so darn cute and functional. (can you tell I am catching up on my blog reading...lumping all my comments in one LOL) Just love catching up on your designs and life! You and your sisters are too fun and creative

annie@mostlovelythings said...

This project turned out so beautiful! I love the decals...especially those wishing weed ones in white...I'm thinking they might look interesting on a black wall too.

Marianne said...

I really turned out beautifully! It's amazing what a few great decals can add to a space.

Olga DurĂ³n said...

I agree - I absolutely love the dandelion. It would work in a child's room as well as a tween. Wonderful Job!


Love those. They really added so much!