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Friday, September 2, 2011

A dining room before and after

New pillows and artwork in the soon-to-be-painted family room

When we added all the beautiful aquas in my friend's living room this summer I felt it was important to bring the new color scheme into the family room that is adjacent to it. The family room was done a few (maybe longer!) years ago and at that time we upholstered the large sectional in a dark blue - almost navy. We used pillows in reds and whites and put down a wool rug in the same blues and reds. Her room has a lot of oak and dated wallpaper and it is time for that to go. The plan is to remove the wallpaper and paint both the walls and the heavy oak woodwork (and fireplace) white. Can you tell I am smiling?

So while we were selecting fabrics for pillows in the new living room we chose a few for the family room as well. I happened upon this bright and happy artwork one day and knew it was the perfect piece to tie everything together!

I love how the pillows help the room tie in with the living room and I can't wait to see the room painted and complete.

We also updated the dining room. Here is what the room looked like before (you can see my house through the windows!!!).

We knew the wallpaper needed to go. Besides that,  is a small room and putting too much on the walls closes it in even more. My client friend found a photo of a room she liked that had wainscoting about 3/4 of the way up the wall. I liked the clean look and felt it would give the room a nice architectural detail without having to put a lot of art the walls.  I don't remember where this photo came from but this is what she liked:

The wall treatment reminded her of the combed plywood she has on her fireplace wall in the living room:

We tried to find the same treatment but ended up settling for a more simple beadboard look:

We kept the existing chandelier (it came with the house when they purchased it!), added drapes, recovered the dining chairs and added a few accessories. I love the clean, fresh look:

I also love how all three rooms work together so well now...

And I'm loving these colors!


Kellie Collis said...

How gorgeous! I'm loving the colors you used for these rooms. Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

Interior Design Musings said...

Fantastic makeover! I love how you used so much of what she had, but just made it fresh and current. My kind of interior design!!! M.

Abby M. Interiors said...

This is beautiful! The painting really makes the room, and I love how calming yet happy this home feels.

René said...

Oh how beautiful! Those color are scrumptious!

MrsS said...

looove the drapes!!

Meeling said...

Lovely...that painting is perfect!!

Thanks for stopping by today..hope I'll see you again! :-)

Happy long weekend!

Unknown said...

I'm loving these colors, too! Nice prints, beautiful furniture

annie@mostlovelythings said...

Such a great before and after...love the colors and how you used some of the old stuff, but gave it all new life! Your friend must be thrilled!

Jessie said...

You did a great job, Sherri. Love the throw pillows, artwork and curtains. I love how you created cohesiveness between the 3 different rooms!

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


laxsupermom said...

Beautiful! Love the drapes! The fabric is so vibrant and fun. All the rooms feel so cohesive now. Thanks for sharing.