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Sunday, September 25, 2011

True Praise

I found this quote in my drawer today. I have no idea where I got it. But I like it.
"True praise is unconditional. It's not an attempt to manipulate God into producing the precise results we hope for. Instead, it helps us accept our situation as it is, whether or not He changes it. Continued praise helps us reach the place where we can say, "Father, I don't want You to remove this problem until You've done all You want to do through it, in me and in others."
It brings to mind a book I read years ago,  Mimosa: A True Story, by Amy Carmichael. It the story of a little Hindu girl who gets just simplest information about God one day. All she can grasp before she is taken away, is that there is a living God, a heavenly Father, who created the whole world that loves her. Despite the hardships and persecution she experiences throughout her life, she clings to this Heavenly Father, trusting in His love and believing that whatever He gives her is enough. The book is profound, challenging and life-changing. You can purchase the book here.


17 Perth said...

Holy cow--I love that quote too. It speaks volumes. It is a great reminder that even hardships are a blessing. I haven't read that book--thanks for the suggestion.

barb cabot said...

Sheri, such a good prayer/thought and something that I must be mindful of. All lessons, all challenges are something planned and meaningful. I need to keep reminding myself. Thank you. Think of you often.

Chris @ 7X70art.com said...

Thank you for posting my painting. It was a for a family at our church who just lost their daughter to breast cancer. She had juat recieved the tatto and was a former Los Angeles Angel cheerlader. She passd away a few months ago and her mother spoke the morning after she died. She told us how her daughter could not speak but on her last breath held up her hand and pointed to heaven. As she was speaking I imagined that at that moment the hand of Jesus came down and took her up into his arms and into heaven. I went home and painted this picture and gave it to the family. It was a very emotional moment. Thank you again.