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what I do

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall foliage

It took me a while to get on the "it's Fall" bandwagon. Maybe it's because the traditional colors of Fall aren't really my favorite or maybe it is because I have been distracted with the new baby in our house ... but Monday it hit me hard when I realized it was Halloween and I was completely unprepared. When my kids were little, Halloween was a really big deal - it always included a trip to the local pumpkin patch, we always carved pumpkins, had friends over for dinner and costumes were thought about for weeks. I woke up Monday realizing I hadn't even bought a single pumpkin yet.

How convenient is it that I could run into Ralph's and pick up pumpkins, candy and a couple of potted mums all in 15 minutes!

I lit a few candles, pulled out the skeleton and made it just in time for the night to begin. 

But it wasn't until this morning that I really embraced the fact that it was 'Fall'. I woke up to a lovely rain (a light rain but rain nevertheless) and the feeling of cool in the air. I remembered that yesterday when I was in the garden looking for roses for my neighbor's guest room my bushes were in bloom with lovely white flowers. So I went out and clipped a few branches and placed them in the house for a little Fall foliage. Well, my kind of Fall foliage anyway.

I think the new pillows I just had made work great for Fall as well in my ever-changing living room (pillows get moved around about as often as I clean - which is often!).

I just posted about my living room  here but it already looks different. We moved a few chairs around to make our TV room more comfortable for the new mommy so I brought that white leather chair I found in Marshalls in here for now. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


meenal bishnoi said...

Your living room looks lovely!!have a wonderful weekend..and thankyou so much for your lovely comment on my blog today! xx meenal

Robbie said...

Thank you for letting us peek into your house, it is always so beautiful and inspiring.

CarolAnne - camdesign said...

your good thoughts helped thank you, all my emailed files worked and the presentation was amazing... purchased the whole condo of furniture. Again thank you for your comment and good thoughts it meant the world to me. Regards, Carol Ann

pve design said...

Just lovely! I love the white chair and how Fall does not have to be all about orange and harvest gold.
Congrats on the baby too.

Victoria said...

Your living room looks lovely and so does your gated entry. Have a lovely weekend.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

So pretty...I rearranged my living room, too and brought back the fall pillows...it's fun to shake things up. We still need to get together sometime!