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what I do

Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer-izing & some Thank You's

We have had some beautiful sunny days lately but today was overcast and cold again. Just when it seems that summer is right around the corner it decides to back off. I thought I would "summer-ize" the living room anyway - why not make it look brighter inside even when it is not outside, right?

I decided to be a little unconventional and move the coffee table under the console table. I gives the room a more open and less cluttered look. I also moved out the cowhide rug - it was feeling heavy and the seagrass rug is perfect for the summer.  

And a couple of thank you's are in order ... Lisa Mende, a blogger and designer in Charlotte, North Carolina shared her Liebster Award with me - thank you so much Lisa! And a while ago, Heather from Setting for Four a master at DIY projects tagged me in a little questionnaire - oops I didn't do it (I fail at these things) but I am very grateful for her generosity in choosing me.

Help me thank them, will you? Take a few minutes and pop on over to check out their lovely blogs. And thank you all for reading mine!

Happy Monday everyone!

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Julia said...

It looks great and ready for summer! Love the seagrass rug. I have two in our home and absolutely love them!