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Monday, October 15, 2012

Got pumpkins?

Last week when I was up at the L.A. Flower Mart getting flowers for the wedding reception I caught a glimpse of some pretty fun looking pumpkins. So I decided to drive up and pick out a few...

My sister came along and we filled up my car (no, they are not all mine). My favorite are the ones with the "warts" all over them! I researched them and the warty pumpkins are called "peanut pumpkins" and are originally from France. The real name for them is Brodé Galeux D’Eysines and I heard they are excellent for making pies. That is probably not going to happen over here anytime soon (making pies) ... I am still waiting for my new range (a long story).

I planted a few of the leftover wedding plants ...

And spray-painted a couple of the pumpkins gold.

I hadn't planted any flowers all summer long trying to conserve water and my entry was getting a little tired looking ... the new plants and pumpkins give it a nice little lift!

And how lovely that the evening after I planted we got our first rainfall!

I brought a few of the pumpkins inside too. I'm feeling a little more "in season"!

Got pumpkins?


Unknown said...

It doesn't take more than a few pumpkins to bring Fall home! Love the gold ones:)

decorayadora said...

I love you blog
saludos desde Chile

Naz said...

Since I really hated the tangerine color the little pumpkin gourds were I painted them gold also.

Stacy CUrran said...

It looks beautiful!!! Our local supermarket gives kids here a free pumpkin if they color a Halloween picture to decorate the store walls. Well, my daughter is taking it VERY seriously. She's well on her way to earning her 7th pumpkin! I have to spray paint some of them - that looks great

A Perfect Gray said...

I need to get mine. crazy about those light colored ones of yours, even the "bumpy" versions. I love little oddities like that! donna

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

My favorite pumpkins are the Cinderella pumpkins. They look wonderful.