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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Newland Barn Wedding Flowers

I only have a few of the photos back from the Newland Barn wedding but thought I would share a few more of the details ...

My sister, who is my assistant on my design jobs, is my partner when it comes to the weddings we style. For this wedding (and many others), she was also the photographer. And while most of the time we consider ourselves wedding stylists rather than wedding planners, for this wedding we were kind of a two-woman show. Not only did we bring in all the decor, we also helped the client plan the entire wedding and we made the bouquets and all the centerpieces. 

The set up for the wedding started on the day before with a trip to the flower market, and like I mentioned in this post, I like to go to the mart with a somewhat open mind. There are always nice surprises and I like to be flexible to change my mind be inspired. We had a general idea of what we wanted - a lot of white with a splash of "some" other color. The basic color scheme for the wedding was black and white so any splash of color would have worked. As it turned out, that splash of color was the perfect Autumn "tangerine orange" and peach.

Because of our tight budget for this wedding we had planned on using a lot of baby's breath grouped together. That in itself is rather ironic because I have always disliked baby's breath with a passion. But bunched together it can look quite nice, especially in this more casual and rustic barn setting. And it is inexpensive!

And while we did buy some baby's breath, we actually ended up with a flower than can be cost prohibitive certain times of the year but this week was almost the same price as the baby's breath ... hydrangea! And in the most lovely shade of peach. 

I used the 49 cent pots I had purchased from Ikea and threw in a few carnations (yes, carnations!) for a very simple and cost effective centerpiece.

Transporting them to the barn was easy - I used a few low plastic containers lined with non-slip shelf liner.

We mixed the bouquets in with the the silver lanterns we had used for my daughter's wedding which had been held at the same venue.

The fruitwood ceremony chairs were moved to the tables once the ceremony ended.

The orange rose petals were the perfect finishing touch to tie everything together.

The bride's bouquet was white and wrapped in burlap just as she wanted, with just a hint of a peach hydrangea ... and it was almost as beautiful as she was!

Aren't weddings the best?


Interior Design Musings said...

Those peachy hydrangea are amazing! Love how you paired it with the orangey roses. Love that! M.

Holly Gruszka said...

Absolutely beautiful Sherri - you and your sister are quite the team. You pulled off quite perfectly I would say. The peach hydrangea are stunners - I don't think I've ever seen them in a peach color like that. And what is that little sprig of green/white that I see in the arrangements? That's such a nice touch. Job well done my friend and thanks so much for sharing.

Robbie said...

Exceptional work! Good eye, those carnations look like peonies: wonderful combination. The bouquet: over-the-top, simply elegant.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Sherri, you and your sister did a wonderful job. The flowers are beautiful!

pve design said...

I love how you always find the good and create love with all you do. I know that I have not visited in some time. but I always am inspired when I do....to look for the good, the love and to create that.