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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Could you use a prep kitchen?

I played hooky yesterday and a friend and I went to walk around a few model homes in the Huntington Beach area just for fun. I love looking at model homes. They are always so pulled together with everything new and coordinating. I especially love looking at the bedrooms because since it is not "real life" they are always so perfect with no clutter or messes anywhere - crisp white bedding with just the right amount of pillows (with the mandatory chop). I always get a few new ideas too.

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I can be brutal when I am walking through, picking the different ideas apart (it is always easy to be critical, isn't it?) but most of the time I am super impressed. Yesterday, there was one house that I could have just moved right in to. It was the kitchen that sold me. 

I would have changed the counters and the backsplash (Carrara marble for sure) but otherwise this kitchen was perfection (it looked much better than in my photos).

I really loved the clear canisters too!

Did you notice the single burner cook top? Yes, this is just the PREP KITCHEN! 

On one side of the kitchen it had a beautiful glass front cabinet for storage, and plenty of counter space ... but when I first saw it I thought, "nice but kind of small"... until I saw this:

A full-sized kitchen right around the corner.

I have seen older homes with butler pantries and kitchens but this was a new one for me in a new home.  At first I was not sure about the idea, but the more I started thinking about the possibilities I could not get it out of my mind.  

And don't get me wrong ... I love my new kitchen. But it made me start to think. Maybe I should turn my dining room into a prep kitchen. Apparently another new trend is eliminating the formal dining room!

What do you think? Would you like to have a separate prep kitchen?

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Lisa Mende said...

Sherri I grew up in a house with two kitchens, one for prep and the other for serving. When my parents would entertain, they kept the outer kitchen neat and tidy and that was often where guest like to chat. It was the perfect situation. My older brother bought the house from my parents and he and his wife tore the two kitchens out and made one big kitchen. she lost a ton of cabinet, counter space and the luxury of having an actual working kitchen. It made me sad when I saw them do that. The new kitchen doesn't function as well. I need to blog about that sometime..