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what I do

Friday, June 28, 2013

Staying cool

It is supposed to be a scorcher this weekend here in Southern California. We live close to the ocean but even here it is predicted to be hot.

I am thankful that a couple of weeks ago I picked up a new market umbrella to help shade our courtyard. 

The view from my office

It helps shade our living room from the hot morning sun and also helps my office stay cooler. I found the umbrella at Costco, and at less than $120 it was well priced. But what sold me was that it was made with Sunbrella fabric. That will help keep the nice color longer and it should hold up well for many years. 

I hope wherever you are the weather is bearable ... 

Happy Friday everyone!


Katie said...

Happy Friday to you too! I heard from some friends in Modesto that it is super hot out there.

We're heading to the river for some canoeing tomorrow! Hope you find a way to stay cool too! :)

Julia said...

Really cute umbrella! Your patio is adorable! I need to check Costco next time. I hope you stay cool this weekend! It's very uncomfortable here on the east coast too, hot and humid.