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what I do

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Black, pumpkins and Thanksgiving preparations

I moved some of the art around in my office the other day (again) ... I could not stay happy with the way it was. Maybe it was just too much color for me. Yes, I realize it is a "sickness". 

 I broke the frame while I was trying to attach a hanger onto the back ... oops. Ironically it works with "perfectly" with the quote.

I am loving the black walls though. In fact, I am loving black everything these days. It kind of started after I helped my sister who lives up north with her house a couple of months ago and we ordered new furniture for her living room. It was all dark and sophisticated and it made me think about changing all my white to black. Yeah, that is probably not going to happen.

But I do think I am on a little black tangent.  

I will be out of town for a couple of days for the new furniture install so I am getting a head start on my Thanksgiving table. We will be celebrating a day early this year so I need as much done as possible before I leave. My daughter (who also lives up north) and I will be driving home with our farm fresh turkey.

I am not exactly sure what I am doing with the pumpkins yet ... this was one idea. I sprayed them with chalk paint and painted the stems gold. I thought I might use chalk to write on them with but I am pretty happy with the gold writing. 

I will save the chalk for the pots. My grocery list is done and the menu planned - I am never this prepared! How about you? Are you getting ready for your day of Thanks?


Unknown said...

Ha! You are on a black tangent! Love it though.. and such a great accent to your white spaces:)

therelishedroost said...

Love those back pumpkins I could see them mixed right in with the pale gray green ones!!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Great idea....chalk paint would be great too....than you could use chalk to write the names...

StagerLinda said...

I love that the picture frame broke on the 'imperfect' quote. -- Everything happens for a reason, no? (I think it was a God-moment!)