what I do

what I do

Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday preparations

The holidays are upon us (or quickly approaching) and while I am still focusing on Thanksgiving, I have started getting my living room ready for Christmas. You know, dress it up a little.

I took my HomeGoods chair down to my upholsterer and had him make her a new outfit out of navy velvet. I found the pillow at a charity boutique last week. They seem happy together.

 I also finished writing on the Thanksgiving pots with chalk...

And wrote our names on the pumpkins in gold. But the best part ...

The menu is done and the shopping list is ready. I have a ton to do and staying organized helps me stay calm.

Thanks for stopping by ... I'm sure you have a ton to do as well!
Happy Monday everyone :D


alwaysinasouthernstateofmind said...

one question...what time is dinner? :) ok, you've inspired me to make my grocery shopping list and get it done today!

Town and Country Gals said...

seems like you've got it together!
It always make things so much easier if it's all planned out a head of time! I think we're pretty much ready, now getting started on the Christmas decorations. Hope you have a wonderful TK!
PS. If you get a chance to look, I've got a board on my Pinterest (can get to on my side bar) labeled Kate and Josh's wedding with pics from the photographer. Haven't done a post yet but will eventually. Not everything with the decorations got finished but it turned out ok, had a some good help from my BFs but time went by faster then anticipated!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

love how your chair came out..it looks great with the pillow...have a great Thanksgiving...