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Monday, April 28, 2014

Two young boy's rooms ... a plan

I am working on two young boys rooms. They are both close in age and up to now have been sharing a room. They want to have separate rooms. Their new rooms are next to each other and are very close in size and layout. The budget requires us to use some Ikea desks and shelving units with a few items that are more expensive thrown in. Not really "high/low" but maybe "medium/low". 

The plan is to use similar furniture in each room and then personalize the rooms for each boy. The most important need is storage. These boys have a lot of legos and not just legos that can be stored in boxes ... constructed lego creations that they want to display. A lot of them! Their mom has asked that the rooms be clean, somewhat neutral, with some tradition and she loves navy and white. Besides needing storage, the boys also needed play space in the room and a place to do their homework. It was a tall order for the small size rooms.

To get the most storage out of the space, I am using a dresser next to each bed which will be used for clothing storage and also double as a nightstand. Each boy will have a desk and desk chair, bed and two shelving units. One will have a long dresser and the other a dresser that is a bit smaller. Their beds are captain's beds with a double set of storage drawers underneath and a headboard with shelves. The dressers will need to be moved a bit further from the beds then I would prefer in order to access the drawers. The captain's beds were the client's idea and while I agree they will give some nice under-the-bed storage, it made it difficult to space plan the rooms. 

The beds will be similar to this bed but with a headboard with built-in shelves

Ikea | Ranarp
Land of Nod | Uptown 4 drawer dresser

I did a general layout of the rooms to start and then selected specific furniture that would fit in the room and with the budget. The layout was done before the captain's beds were selected, so there are a few adjustments that will need to be made. My intern helped me put together these "sketch up" presentations. 

This is phase one of the design process and is what I used to present my ideas to the client. Next we will be ordering furniture, honing in on some of the exact details (bedding, artwork, rugs, lamps...) and selecting paint color for the walls. 
I am also designing a new playroom for the boys which will hopefully take some of the pressure off of their bedrooms.

I have a busy week this week but not too busy to take a day off to see the Pasadena Showcase House of Design - it is always a fun day filled with inspiration and ideas!

Happy Monday everyone!


Nancy said...

I love both room designs so much. Same same but different...i'll be pinning this for when my twins want to separate :)

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Ya cant go wrong...both layouts look great!

Holly Gruszka said...

Nice plans you've got going Sherri - I like that it seems like you're going with foundation furniture pieces that will last them for a while. What are their ages if you don't mind me asking? I'm assuming maybe elementary school aged but that's a guess based off the furniture selections. Looking forward to seeing this evolve for you and your client.

Unknown said...

Holly - they are eight and nine years old :)