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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Waiting for baby

Today is my last install day before I take some time off to spend with my daughter who is due to have a baby any day now. Ironically I am putting on the finishing touches of a nursery for another sweet little girl who decided to come into the world a month early.

This nursery is all soft and pink and perfectly fit for a little princess. (I hope I get some nice photos to share with you later).

Original nursery mood board

But there is another nursery that is waiting in the wings ... waiting for the big move in day which is going to have to wait a little while after this little girl arrives.  But in the meantime ...

The newly painted crib arrived today! It is beautiful and exactly the way my daughter was hoping it would turn out. We started with a slightly used Bellini crib (well, very used actually by three darling little girls but in very good condition) which was generously donated by one of my lovely clients. And also generously painted by my lovely painter (THANK YOU Steve Radl!!!). We used Benjamin Moore's Tropical Teal #734. 

This was our inspiration for the crib / nursery

It is proudly being photographed in the humblest of settings right now - my garage / laundry room where it patiently awaits moving day. 

And I am trying to be just as patient as at the end of this day I am officially on 'baby watch' ... her due date is tomorrow ; )


Ann said...

A baby is always a blessing,

and they bring so much joy to a family ♥

annie@mostlovelythings said...

The crib looks beautiful! Such an exciting time!!

Marianne said...

Love the crib! So excited for you and your daughter!!!

griffcassara said...

WOW the crib turned out SOOOO cute!!

Anonymous said...

Love the crib color. Can't wait to see the room, a great place to start.
Best of luck for mother and baby at delivery time.
What is that lovely pink wall paper in the pink nursery??

MrsS said...

Hi Leviheart,
The wallpaper is by Brewster. Pattern #291-70401.

Victoria said...

Thinking about you and your daughter at this very exciting time. Best...Victoria

Jessie said...

The crib is so pretty! Love the color!

pve design said...

The wait will be worth it.
Love the crib.


I am loving the color of that crib!!!