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what I do

Friday, June 22, 2012

Be inspired

I saw this beautiful room designed by Heidi Pribell the other day on House of Turquoise.

And couldn't stop staring at it. 

Heidi Pribell Interior Design 

It is probably one of the prettiest rooms I have seen in a long time! The colors are what stood out for me first and the unexpected rug. And as I study the room I see so many things I love; the mirrored screens, the ornate gold lamps with the simple and crisp white drum shades, that spectacular wallpaper ...

It just feels happy, doesn't it? Does it inspire you? It does me!
Hope your weekend is filled with 'happy'!

images via here and here


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Great colors...i loved those crayon colors as a child and still do!

arrielle_p said...

Sherri, those are beautiful photos! Very inspiring. Congrats on your efforts, and keep up the good work! Thanks for inspiring. Wish I can make my condo like that too. :)
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