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Thursday, June 14, 2012


So recently I talked about how I am trying to be satisfied with what I have and stop buying new things. It is a challenge for me because I see so many great things and new ideas and want them all. I also fall in love with the homes I design for my clients and then come home and wish I had theirs. But like I have said, I am committed to stop.

But I tell you, it is really hard when I see beautiful things AND great deals. I have been spending a lot of time at HomeGoods lately shopping for clients and have been tempted beyond belief! The chair above was only $199.99. I really wanted this chair. Did it matter that I don't have room for it? Not really. 

I felt the same way about this lamp ($59.99) and even had it in my cart for a while. 

This chair is worth every penny of the $299.99 price tag.

I love this cabinet ($399.99). It has velvet lined silverware drawers inside.

And it just about killed me to let these rugs go by. The one above 4.6' x 6.6' / 100% wool was $199.
When I see something like this ... even though I don't have a place for it ... I want to get it and then design a room around it. 

These two were $99 each (100% polyester / 5' x 7') and the navy one was calling my name. 

When I saw this one I was hanging on by a thread. I think I need a support group.

And speaking of support ... Thank you everyone, old friends and new friends, for such lovely comments about my home and my blog after Kirsten's Feature Friday home tour. I have met some wonderful new blog friends and am thrilled to see so many new faces on my follower list! :D xoxo


Unknown said...

I would be broke if ours had things that nice! The lamp, the chairs, the rugs... wow! I can't remember if I commented after seeing your tour at 6th street but I loved it!

Holly Gruszka said...

HomeGoods is great for so many things - I've purposely stopped going there just to look because I was buying something every time. I do need to pop over there eventually to look for a few things (not for me). Those rugs are really great and you can't beat those prices. I love that first chair too. Good for you for practicing restraint.

Beau lifestyle said...

I wish we had homegoods in europe...or mauybe not, I would not stop buying stuff too....hahahaha love that bamboo patterned chair, so pretty

lizziefitz said...

I saw two things that would have jumped in my cart and gone home with me! Good thing I am in my Jammie's ... Just saved over $400 ! Yikes... Must NOT go to Homegoods anytime soon!

StagerLinda said...

You made some AWESOME finds. HomeGoods is an addiction for me. Sometimes I HAVE to buy a special piece, knowing that I'll never find it again--and justifying it that it's for business. I feel your pain....

Jessie said...

I can totally relate! It's so hard to resist temptation when everything is so beautiful and they come with a great pricetag to boot as well! I feel it's the same not only with Homegoods but with TJmaxx and Marshalls too. It made me feel better when I got their credit card so I know the things I spend now will reap me some rewards at the end of the day! LOL. Speaking of temptation, yesterday, I went in and out of Marshalls for 20 mins (5 mins is for waiting in line and checkout) and got myself two items! LOL. I was glad I was there for just 20 mins or else there will be a bigger damage in my pocket.

Love those chairs and table lamp, by the way!


Town and Country Gals said...

Popped over to see your house, gorgeous! You do such a amazing job! Love your style. Maybe we need to form a support group for those of us who have a hard time resisting great bargins! You managed to leave some great stuff for the ones who can't resist!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Stay strong - it's a struggle each time I walk into that store!
Hope you can stop by and help me pick a color for my front door!


Belle Inspirations said...

Sherri I am so like you I also buy something and worry later about where it's going to go I figure if you love something enough it will fit in anywhere! I also would have bought that blue chair and that rug is divine!Have a lovely weekend xx

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Oh my gosh I saw that same chair in Costa Mesa. I was laughing so hard about you singing to your granddaughter "and a noose around my neck." hahahah. You are so funny.

Nancy Elizabeth Carey said...

i have a weakness for homegoods...my daughter hates going with me I wonder why? lol
new to your blog & follower!! xo nancy elizabeth