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what I do

Friday, June 29, 2012

A little of my week ...

Here is a little of what is going on in my neck of the woods this week...

The kitchen remodel (the one where my client has a bet going with her brother) is coming along great - it will be 95% completed by July 3rd. This is the kitchen where we 'broke ground' on June 4th. It looks like we are going to win the 8-week-bet.

The counters are in and so is the backsplash. The painters are finishing up this week and the appliances and cabinet pulls (and plumbing) are scheduled to be installed on Tuesday. If all goes as planned it will be a working kitchen for my client to have her family over for the 4th of July. 

I ordered the counter stools yesterday. I had fallen in love with a couple of fabrics. And they were absolutely perfect for the new kitchen. My client wanted a fun print that would make a statement but it also needed to be kid proof.  So my idea was to put the blue-ish green "vinyl" (which, by the way goes amazingly great with the backsplash) on the seat and front and the other fabric on the back. I pulled the third fabric to use in the adjoining room.

But the problem is that as much as I want it to work, it does not go with the rest of her house. I know what you are thinking ... well, kind of what I was thinking ... once you do a big remodel like a kitchen, all the old stuff kind of looks tired in comparison and ends up getting changed down the road anyway ... so I was hopeful. But it turns out their 'old' is not all that old and they like it. Darn. So we switched. And can I say that I love the new even more?

As disappointed as I was, I feel like I kind of 'won' because we are using white. Ahhh.  The back of the stools will still be the same fabric - just in a different colorway which goes nicely with the wall color (Dunn Edwards Inside Passage) and will show contrast well with the dark countertop (Caesarstone Raven).

These are the stools:

The counter stools were our final decision to make on the kitchen so my work there is basically finished. Now I can sit back and watch it all come together!

I picked up these from the framer today - they are the beginning of a fun art wall for one of the little girl's rooms I am working on ...

And this was delivered - it will be made into some fabulous pillows for a beach house family room. It is an outdoor fabric which is always my first choice if there are kids or animals involved.

And lastly, (is lastly a word?) I stopped by to check on a living room upholstery job today and took a few photos. This chair (there are two of them) had been around for a really long time. It had been recovered at least once before and my client still loved the pink but the fabric was getting worn. So we changed it up ...

It sat too low to the ground before so I had it raised up a few inches and changed the old casters to a nice wooden leg.  We also added some new pillows to freshen up her sofas. (The carpet will be changed next).

Here is the room before we started:

living room before photo

And here it is with the new pillows. The new chairs sit to the right:

living room with new pillows

Hope you are having a great week!


Unknown said...

I love the fabric on those chairs! The framed prints for the little girl's room are awesome too. Sounds like some fun projects!

Holly Gruszka said...

Sherri, that chair is beautiful! My Mom has an old chair in her living room and I think this sealed the deal that I'm going to have it reupholstered for her. And I love all of these sneak peeks of your projects - can't wait to see more of that girls room. That artwork is so fun. Have a great weekend!

StagerLinda said...

Love the living room update! The chairs turned out great. Amazing that pillows make such an impact on a dated space. What's the carpet going to be changed to?

Jessie said...

Love all the cheerful artwork. Swooning over that vintage chair, it is so chic!

All wonderful selections, can't wait to see all your completed projects!


StagerLinda said...

Hey Sherri, BTW,I pinned your newly upholstered chair (and, of course, gave you credit).