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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Curating bookshelves and other stylish things

Today I re-styled the house with the new kitchen. I really enjoy these kinds of work days - taking what a client already has and moving them around. This time though, I added a few things because I wanted to bring in a little more "white" and a little "shiny" into the space. After the kitchen was finished and looked so great, the room next to it looked a little dull.

To remind you ... the new kitchen (you can read more about the remodel here):

The first thing I did was clear out the bookshelves ... removing everything. Next a few of the shelves needed adjusting and I began to put everything back starting with the new pieces and building around them. 

This client has a lot of mementos and collectibles from their many travels and I tried to curate these special items to show them off properly.

Removing book jackets, grouping books together by color and mixing in some new white pieces gave the shelves a less cluttered feel and helped show off their special pieces better. 

Here are the bookshelves before:

And the bookshelves after:


Besides the bookshelves there were other cabinets that needed things moved around and some artwork that needed moving. 

Below is one view of the room "before". You can see that when they placed the artwork they centered it on the wall. Their intention was to make the family room / TV area and the kitchen dining area come together by stretching out the artwork. I felt the artwork would look better over the cabinet and the client graciously let me move it.

The artwork before:

And the artwork moved to be over the cabinet:

The area above the kitchen table is a little bare now, but a framed enlargement of a photo from one of the client's travels will take care of that. You can see how bring in a new light fixture with a white shade and some white accessories brings the feel of the kitchen over the the other side of the room.

The chandelier that hangs over the table is out for repair and the bench seats will soon be re-upholstered in a white "ostrich" faux leather. They will tie in nicely with the new barstools.


A finally, a few new pillows will finish everything off.


How is your week going? Mine is flying by! 


amber wallace said...

My week is going much faster than I wanted it to! Love the shelf styling. Such an improvement! Great quick change with the pictures as well.

Unknown said...

I love redoing shelves! Instant gratification and usually close to free! The afters are beautibul and I love the kitchen!!! -Ann

StagerLinda said...

You did an amazing job on the bookshelves. White/light colored accessories pop on dark wood shelves. Love, love, love that they looks so great! Rehanging the artwork was a quick, easy fix that had HUGE impact. Love your talent, Sherri.

Holly Gruszka said...

What a difference in the shelves - the shapes and order changed and look so good. I love the addition of some of the rounder/shinier items you placed in there. And the pillows are going to be the icing on the cake - it's all coming together so nicely. Have a great weekend!