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Monday, September 24, 2012

Art ideas for an office space

The new office / conference room for the pediatric clinic is almost done. We are just waiting for everything to arrive so it can be installed. I like working with this client; we work mostly online as she is one busy doctor and I understand her price point - budget minded, but workable. I send her a few ideas, she comments back and we go from there. After we selected a few things, I sent her this inspiration board to give her an idea of what it would look like all together:

She asked if we could add some orange.

I like the color palette!

The space houses 3 offices where the psychologist and other therapists will work as well as a large front room that will be used for parents to meet, hear lectures, gain information and be able to network with other parents. We put three Ikea desks in each office and in the main room we put a couple of Bjursta dining tables from Ikea to use as "conference tables".  The client wanted a seating area in one corner and some artwork to add some color and break up the long blank walls that we were not able to paint. She also wanted to have the space be an inspiring place for the parents who will use it and also for the employees that have their offices here as well. 

These are the chairs that will go in the seating area - we will have four of them. 

We needed a table to go in the corner and I wanted a table to use as a coffee table some of the time but it needed to be lightweight enough so that it could be easily moved when they had a lot of people in the room. These nesting tables are perfect. One will go in the corner, one will be used as a coffee table in front of the chairs and the small aqua one will be placed on the side of one of the end chairs. I like that they are round to break up all of the straight lines of the room and the rectangle conference tables.  

The client wanted a modern / zen like feel that was also very inspirational. I also know she likes the ocean and I kept that in mind when I was selecting the artwork. We are using Modern Digital Canvas for some reasonably inexpensive large canvases - their motto is, "Cool, Affordable Modern Art."

There will be a small console table that can be used for brochures or to serve refreshments on:

We will add a few inspirational quotes on large canvases ...

And some in frames:

I love when you can pick the colors you want!

I'm taking today off (well, kind of - I don't think I ever completely take a day off - there are always phone calls to return or emails to make...) but I am going to take a "more than long" lunch today to celebrate a friend's long overdue birthday. So today I will play and then the rest of the week is crazy ... this is wedding week ... I can't wait to share all that we have planned!
Happy Monday everyone!


Holly Gruszka said...

Fun project with some nice colors mixed in to create a welcoming atmosphere. It's nice when a client relationship goes so smoothly like that too. Enjoy your day today!

Unknown said...

I need a space like this. Office space full of inspiring art.