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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Child proof and adult fun counter stools

The counter stools finally came in for the kitchen remodel I finished back in July. 
This is the kitchen that we finished in four weeks (well, three weeks and 29 days :D) that I wrote about here and here. The counter stools were custom made by Nathan Anthony and upholstered in an easy-to-clean-vinyl (JF Electrify) on the front and one of Nathan Anthony's fabrics on the back. 

These stools will be used by the client's grandchildren so we wanted them to be very durable and even easier to wipe off. And it didn't hurt if they were kind of fun.

What is even more fun about these stools is that the back has a personality all of its own - a little surprise when you look at them from behind ...

Because a kitchen, just like life, shouldn't be taken all so seriously. Right?

These stools will stand up well for the kids ... and also for the adults and their "red wine" fun.

We also added a new piece of furniture to bridge the kitchen with the family room and give the client a place to drop keys and mail and have a couple of drawers designated for "junk". It was not easy to find the right piece of furniture for this spot. I wanted it to be around 40" high and it had to have a couple of drawers but couldn't be too wide. It seemed everything was either too short, too deep or too wide and the custom pieces I designed ended up being just too expensive. Here is what was in the space before:

It seemed like "wasted" space to me ... I don't like when just a few wine glasses and a small portion of wine is being stored like this when all the other glasses and most of the wine bottles are in other places.

You can see that we installed a new wine refrigerator and someday soon the double doors to the closet that you can see in the background above will be turned into a wine cave, so wine storage was not a necessity any longer.

Oslo Bar Cabinet - Crate and Barrel

So how funny is it that the piece from Crate and Barrel which I happened upon one day while looking for something else - the piece that worked perfectly - is a bar cabinet. Ironic, right? The cabinet has shelves inside to store wine bottles, but what is really nice is that the shelves are reversible and can also just be regular shelves. I kind of fell in love with the way the drawers open up...

I love the new buffalo horn mirror we hung above it.

And finally, the new pillows put the perfect punctuation mark on the family room ...

And tie everything together.


Holly Gruszka said...

Love those stools Sherri and I really like how the fabric on the back is different and brings in that round shape. Great find on the cabinet too and I also like how those drawers sort of revolve out - cool. Nice work on this!!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Those stools are dynamite! Fantastic....
The entire kitchen and surrounding area works! Love it all!

Barbara said...

Nice work. Love the pendant lights over the kitchen counter could you possibly tell me the source.



Kim@Chattafabulous said...

You always do such a great job, Sherri! I love the thought behind the fabric selections for the bar stools - so smart (and pretty, too!)
And PS - those brick floors are beautiful!


Stacy CUrran said...

Those are GREAT!! I love the design on the back!

Town and Country Gals said...

fantastic fabric choices, love the fun "backs"! The kitchen looks amazing, you ALWAYS do such a great job, just beautiful!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Love these stools. Sophisticated, but child friendly.

StagerLinda said...

Sherri, you are so darn clever! Love the 2 personalities (adults/little people) of the bar stools! The bar cabinet is perfect for the space. The fabric on the pillows is gorg. (Love me some Ikat!)

Jessie said...

I love the fun and fabulous white bar stools! Adore the red Kalah pillow as well, it really gives the sofa a dose of color and style!