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Friday, September 14, 2012

A joyful room

The new curtains (Duralee 21029 670 Bubblegum) were installed today in the little girl's room that I have been working on for so long ...

The hardware was from Pottery Barn and I had them make the panels so they did not show any rings or grommets. They made a pocket on the back of the curtains for the rod to go through. We wanted a cleaner, more modern look for the panels, and for simplicity and lack of room, we opted to not use finials on the ends of the rods.

And the headboard is back. We had a little issue with the headboard ... my upholsterer and I so carefully measured and designed the headboard to fit the West Elm bed frame that we were going to use. We designed it so that the the headboard would come down just to the top of the mattress.  The problem arose when the bed frame that we had selected was out of stock and the new one had a slightly different dimension - it was only a 1/2" shorter but the mattress sat down lower on the frame. On top of that, the mattress the client selected was half the thickness of a regular sized mattress. We could have remedied it by changing the mattress but this bed is for a such a little girl that we all felt that the lower she was to the ground the better. So we re-designed the headboard so that it would fit any size mattress. Thankfully there was extra fabric leftover and the upholsterer was a good sport about making the change quickly. The headboard was so large that my client's mom had to deliver it in their open bed truck - and so the change meant that she had to make a couple more trips back and forth. She was a really good sport too. 

I love the way it turned out. The fabric is as soft as velvet but is 100% polyester and very kid friendly (JF Showroom 23S5591 Retreat). 

The zigzag pillow (Duralee 15149 729 Tigerlilly) and the bolster (Duralee 15096 719 Tigerlilly) were custom made as were the Euro shams (JF Showroom 43S5591 Surf).  The white pillow sham was on clearance at Pottery Barn. The green dotted pillow was one of those great finds at HomeGoods!

The chair belonged to the client's grandmother and we had it recovered with this beautiful Ikat fabric from Kravet (Bansuri 319 Peony)

The bench was ordered from Pottery Barn and we had a custom cushion made in an indoor/outdoor tiger print (Duralee 15413 708 Carrot). 

The duvet cover was custom made by my workroom. To save money I purchased the softest white sheet and used that for the back. I love how we put the welt over the seams on top. It has a button closure and can be easily washed. The duvet fabric was from Duralee (20865 138 Rose / Green). 

The client purchased the art prints and I had them framed. Some of them were custom framed and for some I used inexpensive frames from Aaron Brothers or Ikea. I like to use inexpensive frames where I can and have custom mats cut for them. Did you notice the Michelle Armas original painting? I had purchased that a while back and this ended up being the perfect spot for it!  As was the Tracey Kafka painting at the top.

The dresser and nightstand are from The Land of Nod (the Monarch collection). If you are not familiar with The Land of Nod, it is part of the Crate and Barrel and CB2 company. The top of the dresser and the nightstand are not styled. It is missing a lamp and the little girl's personal belongings to make it her own (her toys!). 

We changed the silver knobs to gold knobs that I purchased from Lowe's. 

The new armoire has still not arrived (patience, patience I remind myself) ...

But all in all, we have come a long way ...

It is a joyful room for a beautiful, happy little girl who loves sleeping in her new bed. You can't get much better than that!


Jessie said...

I love this room, it's bright and beautiful, perfect for a little girl! The tufted headboard is absolutely stunning and I also like the dresser and the nightstand. You did a great job, Sherri! Love this happy room!

Enjoy your weekend!


Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

It looks fantastic! Your client must be so happy.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You did not mention the rug, which stands out in almost every photo! Can you provide details? Thank you!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

What a DARLING room. Love it all...especially the polka dot pillow...would have never guessed Home Goods. Nice that the wing chair is updated and in the family!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

PS. Can we see it again with the lamp and her toys :)

Unknown said...

Sewsincere - The rug was from Shades of Light but it is no longer available.
Mary Ann - Yes, definitely ... I will show it with it complete with the new armoire and her toys moved it :D

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

That is GORGEOUS! I love everything about it. I just saw that drapery fabric in the blue/green/gray colorway and loved it. So glad to see it in full drapes, it's fantastic. Great eye candy, as usual!

StagerLinda said...

Sherri, I am so in awe of your talent. Every single detail is perfection. All the fabrics are so fun, colorful, and coordinate so beautifully. You have such a great eye. Love, love, love the gallery wall. Absolutely gorgeous--I know that little girl is thrilled with her lovely new cocoon!

Holly Gruszka said...

Beautiful Sheri! This little girl must love being in her room - it's so special. The art wall is so neat and the chair that got reupholstered - they're beautiful. Great great work. And yes, please show more once the armoire arrives :)

pve design said...


mellyb said...

Love this room. If I was a little girl I would want to sleep here. I must have missed it in your post, where do you find the pink rugs? I have been looking for one very similar with no look.