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what I do

Monday, November 5, 2012

A few great images ...

This is a busy week for me ... we have the wedding this weekend (vases to paint, photographs to frame, seat assignments and table numbers to put together ...), I have a few houses under construction which always requires extra flexibility in my schedule to be available for support / decisions / etc.,  and a few miscellaneous projects just to keep me on my toes. It is great to be busy - I am not complaining but I have to say I was grateful for the extra hour yesterday. It seems lately Sundays are spent catching up and preparing for the work week to come. So much for resting!

Marcus HayPhotography: Jonny Valiant

I have spent my fair share of time online searching for inspiration and ideas for various projects and thought I would share a few images that spoke to me. 

via | Designer: Karla Amadatsu, Kerrisdale Design   | Photography: Janis Nicolay

You know how I love a neutral palette that allows a pop of color at my whim ...

Nancy Evars Design via

These would suit me quite nicely! 

Are you ready for your week? I hope you have a great start .... Happy Monday everyone!

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