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what I do

Monday, December 3, 2012

A nursery for twins ... finished!

The nursery for the twin baby girls is finished ...

 I posted about the nursery first here ... This was my starting point:

I added a few things from HomeGoods and Target, custom curtains from Etsy (from here), a rocking chair from Walmart and a dresser (that will be a changing table) from Ikea. I found the storage baskets on Pottery Barn's website but they were a little expensive for the budget. The next day I found them at HomeGoods for a fraction of the cost!

I found the mobile on ebay ... it was originally sold at Pottery Barn. 

The twins will share the room with their almost three-year-old sister. It was a tall order having that many beds and kids and toys in one room ... but it worked out well.

We couldn't paint, but a tree decal added a little fun to the wall.

We tucked the twin bed in a narrow little space on one end of the room and instead of a nightstand we gave this sweet little girl her own roll top desk.

She also has a little play area and bookshelf across from the cribs. We used the large baskets behind the cribs for her toys.

Now we just need the babies to arrive ... they are due any day! 

Thank you sis (Prizler Photography) for taking the photos!
Happy Monday everyone!


Mary Ann Pickett said...

This a such a precious room. Great job. Can't wait for those babies to be the crowing touch!

Unknown said...

I know me too! Thanks Mary Ann :D

annie@mostlovelythings said...

Darling! Cozy and sweet for three! As a twin myself I can say having our own rooms when we were little was overrated. I remember my sister and I would beg our mom to let us share a room...it's only natural for sisters.

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Absolutely adorable room. Fantastic job! Hope we get to see the sweet babies :)