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what I do

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's beginning to look like Christmas ...

I finished decorating another house for Christmas ... and I forgot to take my camera to record it. Eesh. I read somewhere recently that an interior designer needs two cameras. An iPhone (or SmartPhone) to take working photos and a good camera with a wide angle lens to show your work. 
"Most interior designers should own two cameras," said Chuck. "The camera in your iPhone, SmartPhone, or tablet computer can be used like a visual notebook to take pictures of what you see in a showroom, antique store, or auction." Email photos to your client for consideration, or print out the images for a meeting. "Your second camera should be a digital model with a wide-angle lens. I recommend an SLR (single lens reflex) camera because it allows you to put different lenses on the camera; you’ll want to use a wide-angle lens to record interiors." (quote from here)
I have a "decent" camera but it doesn't have a wide angle lens. I am working on getting one that does. But most importantly I need to remember to bring the camera! At least I had my iPhone with me.

I decorated the house in white, shiny silver and natural elements. The candles and silver balls will sparkle at night.

My client will be having her company party here soon and we will bring in fresh flowers and bowls of fruit to add to the decor.

I used some of what she already had and then added some things of my own. HomeGoods is usually first on my list when I shop for accessories and sometimes it just takes one trip to find what I need to fill in. Can you believe that I went to three HomeGoods and they were already wiped out of all their holiday decor? And it was only December 3rd! 

I was able to pick up a few things at Target and I pulled a few things from my own collection. 

The pinecone garland was my client's (originally from Pottery Barn) and was my inspiration for using a more natural look.

I wish I could have shared more of the house - it turned out quite well I have to say. You will have to take my word for it!


Unknown said...

Hi!! It looks amazing! I really love it all.
Ps: thanks for the sweet comment.

Happy December

therelishedroost said...

Really like this eclectic silver and white Christmas decor!
Thanks for Sharing!