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what I do

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Some unexpected bargains

It is still un-styled but we added a few more pieces to my "tight-budged-princess-with-champagne-taste" client's home today ...

The media cabinet is one of my favorite pieces. We went to pick it up from HomeGoods today and came home with a new leather chair and rustic side table as well (that place is dangerous!). 

The leather ottoman, the lamps and the nesting tables and artwork were all purchased last week from HomeGoods. We will definitely be working on replacing / adding pillows to the generic sofas and need to bring in some personal touches but it is getting closer to being move-in ready.

We also added a few more things to the playroom ...

The best is a couple of pieces of art that my client's 10-year-old daughter created. We need to get them framed but I think they are just perfect! I LOVE children's artwork and this is one creative little girl - we used her art previously in her mommy's psychology offices ... you can see her earlier artwork here.

The rustic desk is another of my favorites. We picked it up from Living Spaces. Seriously. I was expecting the worst when we went into the store but it was an inexpensive option where we could get some furniture quickly and honestly, I have gone to worse places. [Did you know that once I went to a gas station in South Central L.A. to purchase a sofa out of a container? Oh yeah, I did. It was for a client who has a gorgeous home but her nanny told her she could get a sofa for a couple of hundred dollars and asked me if I would help her select the fabric.] Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised (and very relieved) when we walked into Living Spaces and they had an entire section of one-of-a-kind vintage finds. Who knew?


StagerLinda said...

Sherri you really scored with Home Goods. LOVE that media cabinet and those plump, delicious lamps! Framing the daughter's artwork is genius--authentic and meaningful.


I can walk to my Homegoods and I agree.....very dangerous so I have to be careful and not pop in everyday or I would be broke! I love the treasures you found!