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what I do

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Art Therapy 2

Previously I posted photos from an office I designed for Dr. Elle Walker, a licensed clinical psychologist who practices in Downey, California. You can view that office here. A few months ago, I designed her second office. When I first saw the space it was a one room commercial office with a large walk-in closet. I had two walls constructed to create a waiting room and a treatment room. As with her previous office, the flooring (carpet) and wall color were already in place when I came onboard and the new walls were painted to match. All the drapes and sheers came from Target. One of her requests was for a very comfortable chair to sit in while she is seeing patients. The soft leather Ikea chair is an extremely comfortable chair and she loves it. We took the two wicker chairs from the waiting room of her first office to cut down on expenses.

The artwork had all been done previously by Dr. Walker's daughter and I framed each one in Ikea Fjallsta frames. The Dr. really loved her daughter's artwork and yet she had never done anything with it. It made her happy to be able to see the art framed and hung on the walls, and it created a warm, homey environment to help put her patients at ease. It was also a very inexpensive way to decorate and the colors are fantastic.

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Prizler Photography said...

I'm soooo glad you posted these! I was wanting to see them. I'm going to go through my kids stuff and see what I can frame for their rooms. IF I ever get their rooms finished....