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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Decorating with mirrors

Decorating walls can be the hardest part of finishing up a room.  If I have a client with lovely art, it is simple to find creative ways to feature what they already own.

But when I come across a client that doesn't have anything to put on their walls, it gets a bit harder. Maria Killam who writes Colour Me Happy, talked about how important art and accessories are in giving a client a finished home and the challenge of finding good affordable art in her blog this week (you can read her blog here).  

Living in Southern California, original art is easy to find but it is often cost prohibitive. Finding interesting and unique art on a limited budget can be more of a challenge but not impossible.

One source that I have found to be helpful is Z Gallerie. They have lovely affordable reproduction art that can be as effective as the more expensive original art:

Framed photographs are another inexpensive and personal way to bring art into your home.  Framing pages from  calendars, art books and even fine magazines can be a unique way to bring your own personal style into your home.

But my favorite way to decorate walls is by using mirrors.  Mirrors can enlarge your space & they can reflect light in a beautiful way.  They are a wonderful backdrop for the things you love!

Strategically placed mirrors can bring the outside in.

Mirrors are a beautiful and inexpensive way to decorate your walls no matter what your budget is.  Even a grouping of inexpensive framed or unframed mirrors from Ikea can make a wonderful statement!  Here is another great site for online mirrors (click here).

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Maria Killam said...

Love this post on mirrors. Just a little tip, your pictures are great but many of them are taken with flash which kills the shadows which create atmosphere in a room. . . Thanks so much for including this in my post, it's great!