what I do

what I do

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Lorie Sandoval is the sister-in-law of a very good friend of mine. This is Lorie with her 12-year-old daughter, Sadie and her husband Leo.  Lorie has late stage ALS.  And mounting medical bills.  If you can, please read about her here and see if there is any way you can help. Anything. Even just a prayer.

I thought I would show you a current project. This living room is still 'in progress'. It is missing an area rug, the artwork framed and window coverings.  But it is a great start.  I love the color palette. 
The chairs are from Room and Board and the pillows and lamps are from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  


barb cabot said...

Love the blog. Just found it. Everything looks new and exciting. Will follow this religiously. Congrats on this site!

Unknown said...

Ah..thank you so much Barb! It is such a work in progress :-)

Prizler Photography said...

Dad would have loved this one. Blue and Gold. Oh, no wait that would be UCLA...... lol

Deb said...

Beautiful Sherri.....blog is looking so good. Love the new header!

Unknown said...

Thanks Debbie!