what I do

what I do

Sunday, October 24, 2010


We use symbols to represent things that are important to us, to show who we are, or what we believe in. They are reminders to ourselves and reminders to others. When my daughter got married this summer we used a lot of symbols. Their wedding rings for example, are a symbol of the faithful love and commitment they have promised each other.

Hayley tucked a photograph of her grandfather (my father) in her bouquet to symbolize that he is not forgotten and will forever be in our hearts (oh how I wish he could have been there in person).

We brought in the symbol of the cross to represent that even though they did not get married inside a church, God was with us. And to symbolize that Christ is our Lord.

I was inspired by the cross that George Bush had made when their daughter Jenna got married and I searched for a long time for a cross that would be just right for the barn setting. It needed to stand freely so that it could be placed on top of a pedestal. After a lot of searching I found just what I wanted at Inspired by Nature on Etsy except that it was a wall cross. I contacted Kent, the owner, and he was wonderful. He put a matching stand on the cross.

Another symbol that we used at the wedding was the Mexican wedding lasso, which symbolizes unity and oneness. Hayley and her sister, Griffin spent hours stringing and glueing each 'pearl' on a $3 plain lasso that we purchased. It turned out beautiful!

"The faithfulness of God is the unshakeable ground we build our lives upon." - Kay Warren