what I do

what I do

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Are you ready for the Holidays?

One of the (many) fun things I get to do is help decorate my client's houses for parties or for the holidays. I love that they trust me enough to ask me to help them with that! But honestly, when the first signs appear that Fall is here and Halloween decorations start showing up in the stores I dig my heals in and resist the whole idea.  

 Until I get that first call.  There is something about starting the process for someone else that always gets me in the mood to do the same at my house.

Like making my finger cookies!

I love the challenge and excitement of going through boxes of decorations and deciding how I am going to use them.  It changes each year and depending on the mood I am in.  Last year I was in a more 'creepy' mood and this year, I kept things a bit more pretty.  Obviously a lot depends on what I have to work with; what props and decorations I have.   

Happy decorating!

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Deb said...

OMG those finger cookies are hilarious! Love all your pics too.