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what I do

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Art Therapy

This is a psychologist's office I designed several years ago. It was the client's very first office. She had a small practice and didn't need a lot of space, but she wanted it to be warm, comfortable and 'homey'. The office was very small and we had to utilize every inch of floor space, but it worked. She recently opened up a second office and I designed that as well (still need photos).

Both offices were designed on a very limited budget and in a very short amount of time and so we had to utilize stores that carry in-stock furniture. Most of the furniture and pillows came from Pier One Imports. The wall color and flooring was already in place when I came onboard. I purchased a few tables and accessories from HomeGoods and Target. 

In the second office, I used this super cute and inexpensive sofa from Pier One Imports (699.95 Abbie Sofa in chocolate)

I wanted to use this Josette chair from Pier One Imports (199.99) in the waiting room

But because of the limited space we used 2 of these instead (a good compromise):

We added a couple of zebra chairs for the treatment room (no longer available).

I used the Jonas Desk from Ikea in black-brown

And placed a white leather desk chair I found at HomeGoods with the desk.
Here are some of the pillows we purchased and the zebra chairs:

We used this runner from Target which worked as the area rug in the waiting room because the space was so narrow. My favorite part of the entire project: instead of purchasing decorative artwork to just fill up the walls, we used the client's young daughter's own beautiful artwork. I framed each piece using inexpensive Ikea Fjallsta frames. Using her daughter's artwork made it meaningful for the client and the colorful animated art was just perfect to make the new space feel 'happy' and youthful which suited the age of the patients she sees. 

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