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what I do

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What to do on a rainy day

We've had some lovely rain the last couple of days here in Southern California. Rain does not come often for us so it is such a gift when it does. It is a treat on a day like that to stay inside and putter around the house; clean out a closet, re-arrange the furniture or even just a shelf or two. 

I have a client who lives in Chicago. We have worked together for a number of years ... all long distance. She will email me photos and ask for help and then I will email her back a list of what to purchase and where to place it. One day, she said she needed a little lift in her family room, and she was unhappy with her bookshelves. 

So I had her empty out the bookshelves and send me measurements. I took inventory of what she had and then shopped from online from stores that I knew she had locally (Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Z Gallerie for example). I sent her a list of what to buy and where to put each item.

After we de-cluttered the shelves, we added some new pillows to freshen up the room.

Sometimes thats all it takes to give a room (and yourself) a little pick-me-up

Tip of the day:  When you are unhappy with the way your room looks but you don't know what the problem is, take a photograph of the space and look at it - it will become more obvious. 


Anonymous said...

The changes you suggested totally lightened, brightened and updated the room. Great job!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Really good makeover! I think bookshelves would be hard for me to do without being here - I am work better by experimenting. That photo-taking tool is a great idea - funny how things come to light though a camera lens!

Prizler Photography said...

Awesome! Love the transformation. And you are so right. The camera doesn't lie!!

Unknown said...

Kim, Thank you! I printed out and then 'placed' each item on a mock bookshelf first. Then emailed her where to place each item and after she did she emailed me photos. It took a couple of times to get everything right. The biggest issue working like that is color...it is not always easy to tell online what the exact color is.