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what I do

Friday, July 5, 2013

A great salad, some new fabrics and a new job.

Did you have a nice day off yesterday? We spent the evening with our good friends that happen to be our neighbors. We acted like kids and lit sparklers in the front yard. We had a fabulous dinner and I forgot to take photos like I had planned ...

I made this salad (I found it on Lisa Mende's blog) and it was everything I had hoped it would be. But don't believe the prep time. It says 10 minutes. It took me hours!

I also spent a little time getting some fabric selections organized. I will be having some pillows made for a couple of clients. When I am selecting fabrics there is more to consider besides the color and pattern or texture. 

Two of the clients I am selecting fabrics for right now have dogs. Dogs that live right on their upholstery. So I have to find something with a durable content like 100% polyester.

Oh yeah ... this is what I love to see - 100,000 double rubs

Today I will be helping a client get their house ready to rent as a vacation home. It is a lot like staging a house to sell - a lot of editing and removing the client's belongings and bringing in things to make the renters feel pampered and at home. For example, I will be setting up a breakfast station on the dining room hutch instead of the family photos that line it now, making seating areas outside with new rugs and crisp new market umbrellas, putting clean white fluffy towels in the bathrooms, and generally making sure everything looks like a five star hotel. And I am super excited to be working with my new assistant, Allison!

 One more day until the weekend! Happy Friday everyone!


Lisa Mende said...

Sorry Sherri! It was my first time making it too and it took me longer than the 25 minutes I quoted on my blog. So sorry!!! It took me an hour & half! My husband bought edamame that had to be shelled instead of the shelled ones. It was delish though! Next time I will be trying before I recommend a prep time!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, I got the prep time from the actual recipe! I didn't even realize you had put one on - yeah, I got the correct edamame but all the chopping, etc. just took me forever! It was worth it though - it was delicious and a huge hit! Thanks again :D

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Love that last photo!