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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ikea temptations

I took my mom to Ikea today (our third trip in the last week or so) to finalize a couple of cabinets we are using to create some extra storage and a worktop where we are removing her existing washer and dryer. 

I go to Ikea a lot by myself and I know all the shortcuts to bypass having to go through all the different departments and I tend to walk fast and get out as fast as possible. My mom likes to walk slow and look at everything. Which I realized today is not such a bad thing.

While we were walking by one of their bedroom displays I noticed a couple of pillows that I had never noticed before but when I went to find them they were not for sale. It turns out they were just selling the fabric. 

Have you looked at their fabrics? Honestly, I have always just walked past. 

The fabric has a nice weight to it and for the price I couldn't resist. 

Algort | $6.99 / yard

Tradklover | $7.99 / yard

I can see this as curtains in a child's room. 

I also saw some pretty cute rugs ... 

Unfortunately I had to resist those.

But on the way to check-out I grabbed a couple of dish towels ($2.99 for 2). 


Unknown said...

I can't believe the my closest Ikea is 10 hours away.. I'm totally missing out! :)

Karena said...

Sherri, we finally have an Ikea coming to the Kansas City area next year! I think people are going to go crazy!

Great fun, fresh finds!

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Anonymous said...

I don't have an Ikea close by. I've actually never even been to one. =[